Thursday, May 25, 2017

Solar Panel Light

While putting together this solar panel flash light we had some malfunctions. The box cracked when we tried to slid in the panel. the light holes were also to small so we had to carve them out to let the lights fit in. In the end it sort of worked besides the huge crack on the side. We will have to make the box and light holes bigger next time.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

3D Design

Are idea was a comfortable handle for your grocery bags. It makes it soft and easy to hold. Also your hand won’t hurt and turn red because of the bag.The shape of the holder was a half circle. Then it had foam wrapped around it to make it more soft. That was only are second idea.  Are first one was a pencil, pen, and highlighter in one.It was going to be like pocket knife, so you had all three things in one object. We thought it was a great idea. Then we searched to see if it was already made. We found pictures of them so we had to change are idea. So we couldn’t do it. That’s when we thought of the grocery bag holder.

To engineer the design we had to use Tinkercad. We started by picking the shape. It was perfect because they had just the right shape. Then we had to make the whole in the shape so it could go around the handles of the bag. On the side there were different shapes to make the whole. We choose the one that would fit just right. Then we dragged it over and put it in are shape. We thought we were done so we printed the shape. It printed way too small. So we went back on Tinkercad and did the measurements right. It turned out great!

Are design could have improved by the way you hold it. You can only hold are design one way for it to work. We could have made that change. Besides that I think the design was great. It turned out how we pictured. I really liked this assignment and I hope we could do it again sometime.